A roundtable sponsored by Allocate Software.

As we transition in to a new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of leadership within the National Health Service (NHS) plus other health and social care systems, will continue to be pivotal in providing stability and a safe environment for a workforce and their patients.

Effective communication and inclusiveness from a leader, coupled with a consideration of workplace wellbeing, will determine how valued the workforce feels and how inspired they are to deliver outstanding care.

Such approaches were addressed during a roundtable at the BMJ Leaders in Healthcare Conference which was sponsored by Allocate Software. Participants discussed leadership styles, diversity in executive roles and how they influence the culture, values and wellbeing of the health and social care workforce.

Examples presented within the discussion emphasised that when approached correctly, staff find an organisation a more positive place to work, resulting in improved patient care and financial outcomes.

To read the roundtable conversations in full, which becomes increasingly relevant during the COVID-19 challenges, download the full article from our resources section.