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Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is a specialist mental health and community health services Trust. In 2011, Berkshire East and Berkshire West Community Health Services became part of Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust increasing the headcount to in excess of 4,000 staff working in over 100 different locations.

The Opportunity

The Trust relied on paper forms for recruitment whilst operating an electronic system for appointments, variation and termination. This split of manual and automated processes created its own issues as the Workforce team were dealing with large volumes of calls from managers enquiring as to the location of their forms whilst also chasing individual groups to ensure requests were actioned. The complexity of the system, combined with the bottlenecks and extensive manual intervention led to a large number of late or poorly completed forms.

The Solution

The implementation of GreenLight dramatically streamlined and created an end to end process that improved the efficiency of the Workforce team. From creating the position, confirming the appointment, making variations to the role, through to termination, the Workforce team now had visibility of all stages in the recruitment process.

GreenLight streamlined the process and removed individuals not required from the workflow. A manager can complete the process and it is then routed straight to payroll. Seamless ESR integration means that staff information populates forms automatically, significantly reducing the need to enter the data manually, as well as improving the accuracy. Managers are now able to track the progress of their forms and no longer chase for updates.

The Results

Based on an average processing reduction of 8 minutes per form, the total time saving for the Trust processing 525 forms monthly equates to 70hrs / month. The automation of their forms has reduced the overall workload, and now provides visibility and knowledge of tasks, and timeframes.

GreenLight provides in-depth reporting options and data is analysed and areas identified for further cost reduction. The incidents of overpayments have been dramatically reduced, saving significant cost to the Trust.

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