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Allocate Transport Marketplace | N&C Taxi Service Case Study

N&C Taxi Service streamlines operations and ramps up business growth with Allocate Transport Marketplace. The platform:

  • Connects them to NHS contract opportunities, now accounting for 50% of their business
  • Simplifies the bidding process with email notifications and easy bid management
  • Ensures compliance with up-to-date documentation and policies

Starting as a small taxi firm, N&C Taxi Service has grown exponentially under founder Carolyn Davidson’s leadership. After qualifying to work with the NHS in 2019, they began using Allocate Transport Marketplace in 2020.

“It has enhanced our ability to serve the community and provide employment opportunities while maintaining high standards of service,” said Carolyn.

Download the full case study to see how Allocate Transport Marketplace is fueling sustainable growth for N&C Taxi Service through streamlined operations and new business opportunities.

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