December 2020, London UK: Allocate Software has added on-demand pay and financial wellbeing provider Earnd as an interoperability Connect partner. This will enable NHS customers that have chosen Earnd as their preferred on-demand pay solution to send shift information directly from HealthRoster to Earnd, giving their staff an up-to-date view of their earnings and access to earned pay when they need it.

Interoperability: enabling choice for the NHS

Technology will play a central role in realising the NHS Long Term Plan and it is vital that technology suppliers support this vision by ensuring data is interoperable and accessible; allowing NHS organisations to freely choose their solutions providers while enabling efficiencies gained from interoperable systems.

Connecting Workforce Technology

The new collaboration is part of Allocate’s Connect Partner Programme, designed to boost the ways in which organisations partner through both interoperability and cooperation to unlock potential in workforce systems.

The interface is expected to be available in January 2021.