Job planning is easier with eJobPlan 11

the newest evolution in our innovative, healthcare dedicated system.

Job planning is easier with

eJobPlan 11

the newest evolution in our innovative, healthcare dedicated system.

eJobPlan11 facilitates job planning for all those with a clinical role, including Consultants, SAS doctors, AHPs and Nurses

Making job planning simple, easier and quicker, supporting your clinical staff to plan, manage and evidence their workload and deliver the care your patients need. ​

Helping organisations plan the work of their most important clinical resources, whilst integrating with operational rostering and activity management to ensure individuals’ clinical activity is aligned to your organisations service plans and therefore, meet patients needs. ​

Our latest evolution in job planning is designed to help combat the care backlog and support your doctors and patients care through meaningful job plans that manage resources safely and efficiently. The new user interface is cleaner, simpler and more intuitive to use and in all, allowing healthcare professionals to spend more time caring on the front line.​

eJobPlan11s comprehensive reporting suite allows you to monitor progress and interrogate detailed activity data to support further analysis.

eJobPlan 11: the benefits:

As well as facilitating job planning for all those with a clinical role, including Consultants, SAS doctors, AHPs and Nurses, eJobPlan11 brings new benefits that will make job planning easier and more efficient.

Quicker & More Visual

The new modern and fresh user interface, now brings together both users and managers together making it easier and simpler to use for everyone. Easily see the relationship between activities  and less loading time for each screen and action. 

Improve Work-Life Balance

Track your activities, know your work patterns, set your SPAs and steer your job plan to control your work-life balance.See a detailed breakdown of your work activities, understand your on-call working patterns and types of activities, as well as an annualised overview of your job plan. 

Plan for the Future

We are changing the way job planning is done by rooting job planning in demand to enable you to really understand what your services need to deliver in terms of clinical care and reflect that into job plans.

Inclusive Job Planning

Facilitates job planning for all those with a clinical role, including Consultants, SAS doctors, AHPs and Nurses.

Maximise Direct Clinical Care

Reduce cancelled lists and clinics by planning the service around the demand and capacity available. Maximise direct clinical care time with patients and the efficiency of the service to enable you to deliver the right care to the right patient at the right time.

Our latest release for eJobPlan comes with some big new features we think you'll love and will make a difference on how you run job planning, for you and your organisation.

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There’s been a very obvious benefit in terms of finance. Overall the medical task force and Allocate’s contribution to supporting that has saved the trust £6 million.

Dr Andy Haynes
Executive Medical Director, Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Frequently Asked Questions

What reporting functionality is available in eJobPlan?

With our special analysis tool, eJobPlan allows a user to search for a specified time period and show who is doing what in the trust. This is particularly useful to identify individuals that may be available to cover colleagues during periods of absence.

Which Allocate solutions does eJobPlan integrate with?

eJobPlan is fully integrated with MedicOnDuty and ActivityManager and allows organisations to easily turn job plans into reality. This gives you the ability to ensure rosters and clinical schedules are linked for sensible planning and deliver cycles. This integration also allows for the cross reference of contracted versus delivered consultant activity, enabling job plans and PA payment to be reviewed should contracted activity not be sufficiently fulfilled. Therefore, workforce costs can be managed more effectively through productivity outcomes.

eJobPlan 11 Datasheet

The 2003 consultant contract was introduced to improve patient care and to ensure that trust and consultant objectives were more closely aligned. However, it is recognised that there remains a significant number of consultants without robust, signed-off job plans, at a time when ever greater focus is being placed on them.


Case Study: Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHSFT

For several years Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has wanted to improve the visibility of the medical workforce issues, specifically to understand productivity, agency spending and annual leave management in greater detail.

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Blog: AHP eRostering success generated expansion plans for eRostering and job planning

Following the introduction of eRostering and job planning, the Trust now has greatly improved real time visibility of staff location, skills sets by competency and capacity. 


Case Study: St Helens eJobPlan implementation improves the administrative
process of job planning

By using Allocate Software’s eJobPlan the trust was able to meet its deadline, ensure job plans were submitted to NHS Improvement’s electronic job planning system in time and reduce the administrative burden associated with job planning.