Access detailed reports that give you an analytical overview of your entire workforce

RosterPerform11 provides you with easily digestible data and reports of your organisation’s workforce performance displayed over 100+ KPIs. Available for free with the Optima bundle, RosterPerform11 is the tool designed to give you the ability to use the data available in HealthRoster11 to measure and benchmark rostering performance across the entire organisation.

Gain Full Visibility

Gives managers a view of the whole workforce across the entire organisation.

Enhanced Data Filter

Access the data you need by filtering between dates, organisational level and more.

Modern UI

RosterPerform11 has been rebuilt and redesigned with a new UI bringing it in line with HealthRoster11.

Automated Reporting

Set up reports to be sent with the information you want, to who and when you want.

Upgrade from RosterPerform to RosterPerform11 for free.



How does HealthRoster provide cost savings?

  • HealthRoster integrates with BankStaff or NHSP to ensure that all vacant duties are filled in the most efficient and safest way.
  • Highlights and reduces avoidable costs by better utilisation of the workforce.
  • Streamlines operations by automating payroll and absence processes.
  • Reduced dependency on bank and agency staff.

What does HealthRoster integrate with?

The e-Rostering software helps to ensure that shifts are filled by appropriately skilled staff at all times – whether substantive, bank or agency – by linking directly with BankStaff or NHSP. Managers benefit from making bank requests directly from the roster, and from seeing bank and agency assignments as part of the roster, while bank office staff receive requests that are more timely and are able to easily check against substantive duties for WTD compliance.