Compliant, efficient and effective revalidation solutions with MedicAppraisal

for doctors and appraisers.

Compliant, efficient and effective revalidation with


solutions for doctors and appraisers.

Manage and monitor the progress of appraisals and doctors' revalidation process effectively and compliantly with MedicAppraisal.

A comprehensive easy-to-follow workflow process that helps both doctors and their trusts manage and monitor the progress of appraisal and revalidation effectively. It enables doctors to seamlessly capture and process their supporting evidence on one portal and provides access and visibility to those who need to review them, all on one portal.

MedicAppraisal’s Responsible Officer Dashboard is built in line with the most up-to-date national guidance. This integrated dashboard delivers an overview of the state of appraisals in their organisation in addition to detailed information about each doctor’s revalidation cycle.

MedicAppraisal is regularly updated to ensure that it follows standard process that maps to the NHS England MAG form. An integrated 360 degree colleague and patient feedback tool provides the means to capture and benchmark feedback that can be automatically included in the appraisal portfolio.​

Integrates with eJobPlan making it easy to handle the necessary requirement of incorporating doctors’ job plans into the appraisal and revalidation process.

Reduce paper use

MedicAppraisal removes the need for hard copies of documents making it not just easily accessible, but environmentally−friendly and cost-effective too.

Keep up to date

Built around the NHS Revalidation Support Team (RST) Medical Appraisal Guidelines (MAG) model, MedicAppraisal guides doctors through documentation and is responsive to changes in national requirements.

Integrate seamlessly

MedicAppraisal integrates with eJobPlan and the 360-degree feedback portal offering a seamless system for healthcare providers and doctors alike.

Compliance & Visibility

Offers doctors and trusts full transparency over their appraisal submissions.

Once our doctors began to see how easy it was to access information and keep track of their own re-validation and appraisal, we started to see an increased uptake. We went from single figures to having one of the highest completion rates in the region.

Andrew Kerr
Business Manager – Medical Directors Office, Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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Having seen a number of other appraisal and revalidation solutions during our selection process, we felt that MedicAppraisal was the only system that really gave us confidence and made us feel secure. We felt it was the only system that would properly manage the evolving situation of revalidation, and make handling the paperwork easy to control.

Myrna Coutss
Appraisal/Revalidation Administrator, Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

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How much training do you need to use MedicAppraisal?

MedicAppraisal is very user friendly and has an intuitive layout which requires no training and can be picked up within minutes. Its ease of access and use has been an important factor in achieving doctor engagement and it has a track record of increasing appraisal completion rates.

Is MedicAppraisal secure?

Yes. The secure web-based system uses encrypted data which allows only stakeholders in the revalidation process to gain access. It can also mark stored documents as private; limiting access to the appraiser and responsible officer.

MedicAppraisal Datasheet

Appraisal and revalidation software designed for medics. MedicAppraisal is a proven system that supports both doctors and appraisers in delivering compliant, efficient and effective appraisals as required for the revalidation process.


Case Study: Miton Keynes NHSFT

Making a success of revalidation and appraisal by using MedicAppraisal to bring about a culture change amongst medics.