Insight 11

Transform your rostering performance through in-depth analysis

Insight 11

Transform your rostering performance through in-depth analysis

Insight 11 is designed to give you the help and the tools you need to completely analyse your rostering performance across six proven key metrics.

A dedicated expert analyst from Allocate will work closely with you to identify areas for improvement in your organisation and help create an improvement program to make those necessary developments a reality.

Insight Data Portal

Streamlines workforce data and allows users to focus on six key metrics

Monthly Reporting Service

An expert analyst will help you understand your organisation’s rostering performance and areas for improvement through monthly presented reports

Insight Benchmarking

Compare your organisation’s rostering performance in key areas against Healthcare organisations locally, or across the country

Dedicated Analyst

A dedicated analyst will work hand in hand with you to identify key areas for development and help you create the improvements necessary

Access to Tableau

Access to interactive data visualisation software, allowing creation of digestible, professional and customisable data from dedicated site

Insight Masterclass: Redeployment and unavailability during lockdown

To celebrate the launch of these two products, the Insight team is running ‘Insight Masterclass: Redeployment and unavailability during lockdown’.

The Insight team will explore these topics and analyse key stats and trends specific to your regions in the UK to provide you with information and insights that is relevant to you giving you a taste of what you can achieve with the new reporting software.

We will be running these Masterclasses twice for five regions across the UK, and you can find a full list of times for each region below as well as a link to register. If you are unable to attend one of the sessions but still wish to watch the recording, simply register for one of the Masterclasses you would like to attend. You will be sent a link to the on-demand video for you to watch when it suits you.

How many people can use the Tableau License at once?

The License can be shared so that your organization can all benefit from using one single log in simultaneously.

Do I need to install any new Software for Insight 11?

No. You will be given access to the Tableau server and Insight11 is ready to access online via a personalised link for your NHS Trust.

Do you offer free training for InsightStart and Insight 11?

Yes, training is included during your onboarding.

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Transform your rostering performance through in-depth analysis.

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