Empower staff by placing rosters and leave requests in their hands

Engage and empower your workforce by placing key information about their work in their hand – via their smartphone or browser.

EmployeeOnline enables staff members to view all aspects of their roster in the past, present and as far into the future as the rosters have been published. This includes annual leave, enhanced hours, training days, skills and certificates and their pay records before they receive their paper pay slips from payroll. It also allows users to request duties and time off for future off duties, submit their timesheets online and log their bank availability.

EmployeeOnline is proven to have a significant impact on fill rates across shifts as it makes it easier for trust staff to elect to work extra shifts that suit them.

EmployeeOnline allows you to better inform your staff as they can:

  • View their roster online, anywhere in the world
  • View their own skills to ensure they are accurate
  • View their leave entitlement and hour balances
  • View payroll information

It helps engage staff too, empowering them to:

  • Make duty or day off requests
  • Request annual leave, study leave and other leave
  • Bank or locum staff can view and direct book matching bank duties, record their availability and record their timesheet

Please note: if you are a user of our software looking for help with access (such as a username or password) you should contact your organisations system administrator. Allocate Software cannot set up usernames and passwords on behalf of health or care organisations.

Case Study

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust Case Study

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust undertook a flexible working project in an effort to empower frontline staff to take ownership of e-rostering, as the trust believed this would lead to more effective workforce deployment, improved staff work-life balance, and increased productivity … read more.

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What our customers have said…

“Fill rate moved from 55% to as much as 90% since direct booking on EmployeeOnline was switched on”

Nicola MyronkoClinical Lead – Workforce, Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust

“The fact that staff can look through their own EmployeeOnline ccount and see what has been sent to payroll and compare that with their payslips has had major impact on staff and the way they work, and the fact that they have that visibility now – it has been fantastic.”

Jo Boothe-Rostering Administrator, NHS Isle of Wight.

Capabilities of EmployeeOnline (EOL)

For rostering

  • Staff can view and print their personal rosters
  • Staff can view and request leave and see the status of their leave
  • Delivers compliance with trust policies –
    • Staff can only book shifts during a period of time opened for requests by a manager
    • Requests are passed through a set of rules stipulated for the unit and/or trust, tested for WTD compliance and flagged as a warning or violation as necessary
  • Available shifts are driven directly from roster demand, ensuring requests are kept within appropriate department/ward/team parameters


For timesheets

  • Staff are able to complete and submit their timesheets online
  • Staff can view their pay and enhancements before they get paid
  • HR details are stored within the system, with automated flagging of training requirements/skill competency renewals

For bank

  • Ability for staff to post their bank availability
  • Ability to request bank shifts
  • Ability to confirm or decline suggested bank booking
  • For expenses, staff can view status and submit their expenses for payment

Going mobile

  • The HealthRoster EOL mobile module provides staff with access to their rosters, leave and study information on the move, providing iPhone, Android and Blackberry-optimised views
  • HealthRoster EOL can also be accessed from home

Key Benefits of EOL

  • Delegates responsibility from the manager and empowers the individual, in self-booking bank shifts. For example, in self-booking bank shifts
  • Streamlines processes by devolving actions to individual staff members
  • Provides a simple and easy to use tool to enable staff of all IT levels to quickly and easily manage their working lives
  • Improves annual leave management
  • Improves shift allocation and maximises the availability of substantive staff
  • Saves managers’ time updating, informing and managing working lives of staff on their behalf

Time Savings:

  • Saves the roster creator time; in terms of managing requests and bank shifts
  • Saves managers time; as they no longer need to continually update, inform and manage each individual’s working life

A better service delivered:

  • More vacant duties are filled by substantive staff
  • Greater visibility of staff to maximize safety, as well as equitability
  • Improved shift allocation maximising the availability of substantive staff


EOLThumbNailHealthRoster Employee Online (EOL)

A one-stop shop to manage an your working life – be it checking your off-duty, booking leave, managing timesheets, self booking bank shifts or checking HR information.

Our ‘one screen, one click’ approach ensures that this application is designed to be as simple and as easy to use as possible, by everyone.

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