Manage, monitor and gather evidence on NICE Guidelines and NICE Quality Standards

NICEAssure is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that allows organisations to manage, monitor and gather evidence on NICE Guidelines and NICE Quality Standards. With NICE Guidelines, organisations can ensure the latest guidelines are distributed to the relevant department, division or service. It allows organisations to evidence the implementation of the guidelines and even manage action plans associated with becoming compliant.

The solution can be used standalone or alongside other HealthAssure applications such as OutcomesAssure and CQCAssure to provide a comprehensive quality governance and compliance solution. NICEAssure is flexible enough to adapt to your organisations structure.

With a constant flow of new Quality Standards and Guidelines, and with the importance placed on them by the CQC, Monitor and NHS Commissioning Boards, it is becoming increasingly important that you have the ability to not just track and monitor the changes but also implement them at recommendation level.

NICEAssure enables you to keep up with ongoing changes and monitor your compliance status without any significant administrative burden. In addition, the application provides powerful evidence-linking and assessment tools that allow you to build a quality-assessed library of evidence and assurance.

What our customers have said…

"Without having the NICE Quality Standards on NICEAssure we would have to consider how we were going to monitor our compliance. Gathering evidence for compliance would likely mean employing a person to complete this task, with NICEAssure we can do it within current resource."

Sharon Linter, DirectorStandards & Governance, Barnsley NHS Foundation Trust


  • Two solutions in one comprehensive NICE application.
  • Use across teams and divisions, placing ownership and accountability for standards and guidelines in the appropriate parts of the organisation.
  • Pre-configured NICE Quality Standards application complete with pre-populated ‘quality statements’, process indicators and descriptive guidance.
  • Dashboards and reports highlight gaps in compliance and direct attention to areas of risk.
  • Manages risk associated with NICE Guidelines
  • Provides a single online repository of NICE assurance.
  • Produces divisional and corporate reports for the board and committees
  • NICEAssure is backed by an inclusive service to automatically update the NICE Guidelines and NICE Quality Standards as new information is released
  • Allows views of NICE Guidelines and NICE Quality Standards by exception
  • Powerful evidence-linking and assessment tools allow you to build a quality-assessed library of evidence and assurance.
  • Identifies areas of risk where guidelines are not being met.
  • Links NICE Quality Standards and NICE Guidelines to other mandatory regulation such as NHSLA, CQC or Monitor Compliance.
  • Combines quantitative data together with qualitative statements, processes and standards

Key Benefits

  • Ensures NICE Guidelines are distributed into the organisation
  • Monitors compliance with NICE Guidelines at guidance & recommendation level
  • Self-assess and evidence your organisation’s position against each relevant NICE Quality Standard.
  • Evidences that NICE Guidelines are being assessed and adhered to within the three-year window.
  • Ensures key people are informed as new standards and guidelines are made available
  • Keeps you up to date with changes, without unnecessary burden and administration
  • Demonstrates to the board, commissioners and other stakeholders, via standard reports and dashboards, that the organisation is delivering a quality service in accordance with the NICE Quality Standards and in adherence with NICE Guidelines.


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