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DatixWeb: Moving to the Cloud

Colleagues reviewing Datix web dashboard

Why migrate DatixWeb to the Cloud?

Moving DatixWeb to the Cloud reduces the need for costly hardware, installation, and ongoing maintenance that traditional on-premise hosting options require.  

Migrating your system from On-premise Hosted to the Cloud will allow you to take advantage of lower maintenance costs, industry leading data security and a much simpler upgrade process.  

By allowing RLDatix to host your instance of DatixWeb your IT overhead will be significantly reduced while ensuring that a single supplier has responsibility for supporting all aspects of DatixWeb delivery.

What is the difference between On-Premise and a RLDatix Cloud based service?

On-Premise Hosted

An On-Premise DatixWeb system runs off servers held physically at your organisation. Extra resource is then required from your internal IT team to maintain these servers, complete manual upgrades, and ensure the security of the data inside DatixWeb. 

RLDatix Cloud Hosted

A RLDatix Cloud Hosted DatixWeb system runs off cloud servers held by RLDatix away from your own organisation’s premises. RLDatix maintains servers and uses best practice security measures to ensure the servers are available  and secure, which in turn heavily reduces the resources required from your internal IT teams. 

Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust

I feel certainly there are benefits to being a hosted service. The main one from my experience is Datix support with certain technical features and upgrades to DatixWeb. For example updating html parts of the system, Datix will support and update these sections on your behalf as a hosted service, and obviously know the system so you don’t have to explain the intricacies of the system and what html sections you need updating as you would do with your inhouse IT department.

Tallulah BathurstDatix Systems Manager

When On-premise hosted you are reliant on the capacity of your IT department to put your workstream in a queue and are also subject to the system being impacted by other pieces of work within the IT department for example the server that houses the system being changed or updated.

Tallulah BathurstDatix Systems Manager

Find out how much you could save

by switching to a DatixWeb Cloud Hosted service

We have built a simple calculator that can estimate of how much you could save by moving to a Cloud based RLDatix service.  

Use the drop down menu below to select the number of staff at your organisation, then click ‘calculate’ to get your estimate of how much a cloud based DatixWeb system could save you.

Total (£)

*These savings are indicative of the savings we would expect you to see over 3 years.

Please be aware this is an estimate only, based on our current customers in the Cloud and the estimated direct and hidden costs of Locally Hosting DatixWeb. If you would like to find out exactly how much you could save by moving to a Cloud-based service, please fill in the form below and one of our team will be in touch 

Benefits of moving to DatixWeb to the Cloud

Reduced Costs

No resource costs associated with acquiring, upgrading, patching and maintaining on-site equipment and servers.

Greatly reduce the support needed from your internal IT team, freeing them up to complete other tasks.

Faster Implementation and Simple Upgrades

RLDatix handle all upgrades to your DatixWeb system, making it easier and simpler to ensure you have the latest version of the software, while reducing the work needed from your internal IT team.


Access DatixWeb securely without the need for a VPN. RLDatix support have direct access to ensure support tickets are resolved quickly without delay.

Data Security

Best practices encryption for all data held within DatixWeb.

24/7 Security controls including Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS).

Business Continuity

High Availability, reliably built in Redundancy, and Disaster Recovery.

Backups are automated and can be restored in the event of an outage, ensuring business continuity.

Moving your DatixWeb system from On-Premise Hosted to a Cloud based Service takes RLDatix on average only 4-6 hours to complete.

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