Get real-time updates with TimeClocks

and see all staff in your hospital or care home.

Get real-time updates with


and see all staff in your hospital or care home.


TimeClocks gives you a precise picture of which staff are onsite, and where, at any given time. Although primarily introduced to ensure accurate payroll, TimeClocks also provides real-time total workforce visibility to support operational workforce deployment for safer and more flexible staffing.

Paperless timekeeping

Modern, easilydeployed devices allow staff to electronically record attendance removing the timesheet burden and the possibility of incorrect documentation.

Improve patient flow

The unique, live, operational view of all staff on shift, highlights opportunities where patient flow can be enhanced by redeploying underutilised staff to areas of higher demand.

Log temporary staff

TimeClocks ensures temporary staff are seen in real-time alongside other staff and that accurate recording of start and finish times and locations are logged

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How does TimeClocks work?

TimeClocks allow staff to clock in and out of work with simple biometric fingerprint scanners that allow you to record attendance at a hospital or care home. Our customers have installed TimeClocks either across the organisation or ward-by-ward, some even get the whole organisation on board including the CEO!

Is TimeClocks only for certain staff groups?

No, Timeclocks can be used for doctors, nurses, AHPs, management, admin and estates staff. It is also suitable for temporary as well as substantive workforce members.

Is it difficult to set up TimeClocks?

No, it is fast and low cost to set up. It is easy to trial in key areas or wards and then expand outwards.