Staff expenses made quicker and more accurate

eExpenses will help you to drastically reduce the time spent on expense claims, as well as making the process cheaper, faster, and more accurate. Allocate Software is a supplier to the NHS ESR programme and eExpenses is already having a positive impact at trusts across the UK.

Avoid costly mistakes

Eliminate the potential for manual errors and duplications, as well as protecting against fraudulent activities

Link with HealthRoster

Deliver real accuracy by linking claims directly to rosters, to let managers carry out checks with ease

Save time

Speed up all elements of the expense claims process to save staff, managers and the payroll department valuable time  

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Does eExpenses help with compliance?

Yes, the software ensures expenses are compliant with NHS policy by flagging up any potential violations. The system was developed with NHS-specific payment rules in mind. 

How can employees making claims access eExpenses?

Staff can access the application at any time via EmployeeOnline and MedicOnline, on desktop, tablet or mobile devices