Ease the administrative burden with simple consultant job planning

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Our efficient job planning software enables easy, effective planning for consultants and SAS doctors. Catering for even the most complex jobs, eJobPlan is the UK’s most widely used job planning software, helping healthcare services across the nation to run smoothly.

Less paperwork

Cut down on the admin created by paper-based job planning and reduce the time you need to spend on it


Ensure job plan formats and PAs are calculated consistently across organisations with standardised job plans

Full control

Set limits on the number of PAs that can be added to a job plan and track job planning progress in real time

Discover HealthMedics Optima

Get eJobPlan as part of HealthMedics Optima, a powerful all-in-one package that includes ActivityManager, eRota, MedicOnDuty, LocumOnDuty and MedicAppraisal.

You’ll also get access to our free training and accreditation from the Allocate Academy and a Customer Success Analyst to ensure you get the most from your Allocate solutions.


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What reporting functionality is available in eJobPlan?

With our special analysis tool, eJobPlan allows a user to search for a specified time period and show who is doing what in the trust. This is particularly useful to identify individuals that may be available to cover colleagues during periods of absence.

Which Allocate solutions does eJobPlan integrate with?

eJobPlan is fully integrated with MedicOnDuty and ActivityManager and allows organisations to easily turn job plans into reality. This gives you the ability to ensure rosters and clinical schedules are linked for sensible planning and deliver cycles. This integration also allows for the cross reference of contracted versus delivered consultant activity, enabling job plans and PA payment to be reviewed should contracted activity not be sufficiently fulfilled. Therefore, workforce costs can be managed more effectively through productivity outcomes.