Developed in partnership with our NHS customers, Allocate e-Expenses is unique. When combined with HealthRoster, e-Expenses is the only application that automatically cross-references data with the roster in real-time, increasing accuracy and delivering protection against manual error and inadvertent fraud.

Allocate e-Expenses is the only HealthRoster integrated solution that simplifies the staff expenses process and eliminates avoidable costs and delivers the most robust approach to managing staff expenses. Allocate Software is an expenses¬†supplier to the NHS ESR Programme. There is no license or usage recharge to NHS organisations when commissioned via the ESR Programme –¬†find out more.

The application dramatically reduces the time and effort expended by staff and managers in entering and making expense claims, making the process faster, more accurate and cheaper to manage. e-Expenses delivers a range of features:

  • Checks expense entries against NHS criteria
  • Automates claim calculations
  • Complies with all NHS-specific expense categories, including mileage and vehicle registration

For more information on e-Expenses; to hear what other customers think of it and to have a walk round the solution please visit the e-Expenses microsite

What our customers have said…

"e-Expenses is a really valuable extension to the HealthRoster solution; the process is significantly streamlined, reducing the administrative burden while increasing the accuracy of reimbursements. We anticipate financial savings due to improved accuracy and time savings across our Payroll team. This application demonstrates our commitment to employing the latest technology while improving our quality of service, in line with our commitment to first class patient care."

Mark Casson, ESC Operations ManagerBlackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

e-Expenses Capabilities

  • Delivers unique protection against fraudulent activities
  • Eliminates the potential for manual errors and duplication
  • Simplifies implementation
  • Fulfils all ESR requirements
  • Ensures compliance with policy by flagging potential violations
  • Makes users lives easier!

Features include:

  • Triangulation rules, which manage the three elements of a journey, from starting point to destination and back
  • Warnings, which flag up in real-time, to monitor mileage tolerances and ensure that payments are appropriate
  • Vehicle checking and Duty of Care management, which monitors the vehicle used and ensures the appropriate mileage reimbursement rate
  • Additional criteria, incorporating other key claim elements required by ESR.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces the operating costs associated with processing claims
  • Improves expense claims accuracy
  • Provides unique protection from fraud and inadvertent errors
  • Interfaces with ESR, saving time and ensuring the accuracy of data
  • Ensures compliance with all NHS-specific expense categories, including mileage and vehicle registration
  • Provides business intelligence for the understanding and planning of staff costs and claims patterns
  • Increased efficiency
    • dramatically reduces the time spent by payroll departments processing claims and managing input into ESR
    • dramatically reduces the time and effort required for managers and staff to make claims
    • improves the speed and accuracy of reimbursements
    • avoids duplication of data entry
  • Cost savings
    • minimises wastage caused by manual errors
    • reduces payroll costs
    • eliminates fraud when combined with HealthRoster

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