Effective consultant job planning software

eJobPlan is the UK’s most widely used job planning software for consultant job planning, as well as speciality doctors and associate specialists.

It is the only solution fully integrated with MedicOnDuty and ActivityManager allowing demand to be reflected from planning to operational schedules. Lord Carter on productivity in the NHS highlighted the importance of good job planning, while achieving this requires commitment and leadership from medical leadership our customers have been greatly helped by how eJobPlan makes job planning easier for consultants and others.

Examples features and benefits include:

  • Standardise job plans –  ensures standard calculations of PAs and sessions
  • Flexible enough to allow job plans to be correctly calculated for consultants and SAS doctors
  • Caters for complex job plans spanning long periods of time and supports annualisation
  • Flexible and transparent job planning
  • Accommodates ‘hot’ activity arrangements such as surgeon of the week or physician of the day and the delivery
  • Capitalize impact on affected duties
  • PA controls and powerful reports
  • Activity calendar
  • Reduce the admin associated with paper based job planning
  • Integrated with MedicOnDuty and ActivityManager

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Case Study

St Helens - eJobPlan

St Helens and Knowsley NHS Trust: From a rapid consultant job planning project to greater workforce transparency

Learn more about how eJobPlan enabled St Helens and Knowsley NHS Trust to ensure job plans were submitted to NHS Improvement’s electronic job planning system in time.

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What our customers have said…

"Efficient job planning is becoming a priority for all Trusts in these financially challenging times. Increasingly we are using eJobPlan to review job plans in forensic detail to ensure the service is provided in the most appropriate and efficient way as possible. If we were using a paper based process the level of detail we are able to utilise at the push of a button simply wouldn’t be available"

Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS Trust


eJobPalnTNeJobPlan for consultants and SAS doctors

The most common method for writing job-plans is with paper or Excel templates. This approach is viewed as relatively inexpensive. However, in reality paper job planning can become an unnecessarily time-consuming paper-chase that is inconsistently applied across consultants. It can also result in a poorly controlled process, often driven by the needs of the consultants and not the trust. Web-based job planning overcomes all these difficulties and provides many more benefits.

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