NurseRevalidation is online e-Portfolio software combined with Allocate’s service to provide organisations with a comprehensive solution for nurse and midwife appraisal, revalidation and education.

Ensuring a skilled workforce for quality patient care.

NurseRevalidation helps organisations support their nursing workforce to ensure individuals are fully trained, with the right, up-to-date skills and experience. It manages the end-to-end revalidation process providing individual nurses with a simple to use comprehensive tool and providing organisations complete assurance that their workforce is fit to practice.

NurseRevalidation provides

  • Online Appraisal. Streamlined online appraisal process to conduct strengthened appraisals
  • e-Portfolio. Nurses and midwives have a real-time portfolio for revalidation, aligned to the NMC code
  • Training management. Coordinate, facilitate and support accessible training and education in line with Health Education England’s key priorities for workforce development
  • Assurance. Includes a measurement and assurance tool for commissioners

Training Management

  • Full training record (including statutory and mandatory training) (ESR compatibility) linked to role based competencies
  • Integrated LMS to schedule, deploy, manage, track and report on e-Learning completion


  • Collate and reflect on evidence and structured CPD
  • Personal Development Plans (PDP) aligned to an individual’s job description, role and career development
  • Private portfolio, owned by the individual and shared at appraisal time

Online Appraisal

  • Structured, template appraisal forms for all employees
  • Focused around PDPs, CPD and a portfolio of evidence
  • Include reflection, discussion and confirmation for NMC registrants’ appraisals
  • Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) module


  • Easy to submit portfolio for NMC verification (practice hours, CPD, practice-related feedback and reflections)
  • Record third party confirmation and PDD
  • Handy revalidation checklist
  • Integrated supervision process for midwives

Key Benefits

  • Proven solution, backed by the UKs largest provider of nurse workforce software
  • Displays content and functionality relevant to an employee’s user type and role:Revalidation Only | Revalidation & Appraisal | Appraisal Only | Portfolio Only
  • Configurable and quick to deploy
  • Safe, secure and reliable
  • Highly automated and simple to use
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere online
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Branded for your organisation
  • Feature rich including portfolio of evidence, practice hours log, written reflections, practice-related feedback, third-party confirmation, CPD recording, Personal Development Plans, integrated e-Learning, Multi-Source Feedback, appraisal dashboard and management reporting
  • Supports the needs of all nursing, midwifery and care worker staff
  • Configured to suit different processes in secondary and independent healthcare sectors
  • Manages multiple groups of users such as nurses, midwives and care support workers
  • Cascade organisational, divisional, departmental and individual objectives, creating clear pathways for individual contributions
  • Introduce multiple competency frameworks e.g. The Code, 6Cs, organisational objectives etc.
  • Map objectives, frameworks and training to individual users based on roles and bandings