Providing the tools for better, evidence-based decision making

RosterPerform is an intelligent tool that enables you to review, report and manage staffing behaviour through a series of management dashboards and reports, helping to ensure that services are delivered safely, with minimum risk and the optimal use of staff.

RosterPerform has been designed specifically to take the raw data in HealthRoster and make it much more accessible, firstly by analysing and translating the data into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and secondly by presenting the KPIs clearly, to demonstrate performance and identify any potential issues.

The information provided by RosterPerform becomes integral to the running of healthcare organisations, as the application monitors KPIs and proactively identifies any emerging issues across a comprehensive range of operational areas including:

  • Safety
  • Staff unavailability
  • Staff effectiveness
  • Fairness of rosters
  • Strategic establishment issues

What our customers have said…

"RosterPerform has really been a key element of this project as it enables us to look through the windscreen at issues rather than through the rear view mirror – which was how we had worked previously. This has had a major impact on the way we run our operations because we can now effectively plan ahead and ensure staff are operating at the best levels through workforce planning. Ultimately what this gives us is ‘patient-centred rostering’ and as a result of that, the resources to offer better care."

Rosemary Chable, Director of NursingSouthampton University Hospital NHS


RosterPerform monitors KPIs in five crucial areas:

  • Safety – shows if your actual staffing level is aligned with clinical demand
  • Unavailability – monitors sickness, annual leave, study and other absences
  • Effectiveness – shows where your staff are not being utilised effectively
  • Fairness – analyses requests and broken rules on an objective basis
  • Establishment – highlights establishment issues

RosterPerform displays KPI data in a number of different dashboard views:

  • Troubleshooting view – highlights operational issues across your organisation using a traffic-light system based on agreed thresholds
  • Analysis view – shows long-term historical trends to track performance over time
  • Drilldowns – both the ‘Troubleshooting’ and ‘Analysis’ views have drill-downs from the high level issues into the raw, live, HealthRoster data
  • Email Notifications – RosterPerform has built-in Email Notifications that automatically send key issues to managers via email


  • Gives you a view of the whole workforce across your entire organisation
  • Provides data in a ready-to-use format anytime, anywhere
  • Enables managers to use substantive staff more efficiently and reduce temporary staff usage
  • Minimises operational risk by ensuring services are safely staffed
  • Gives managers evidence that services are being run as effectively as possible
  • Provides all data from one secure source
  • Visibility – managers get a clearer view of the workforce and can drill-down on the staffing complement to identify and address issues before problems occur