HealthRoster BankStaff

Allocates appropriately skilled staff to duties

BankStaff is a staffing software that seamlessly integrates with HealthRoster. It is used by bank offices to automate the process of filling duties with the appropriately skilled staff; to ensure there are no rules breakages, enabling your bank office to concentrate on filling the harder-to-fill/more expensive shifts, reducing reliance on agency staff.

Guided by the principle of using agency staff only as a last resort, HealthRoster BankStaff also manages the agency relationship and ensures that you secure the best value for money. The application features simple yet sophisticated one-screen, one-click functionality that links seamlessly with ESR to ensure that Trusts adhere to NHS protocols for the management of requests.

  • Streamline the bank booking process to improve fill rate and reduce agency spend
  • Better engagement with bank workers, with SMS broadcast of available duties, online direct booking of matching requests, and online availability recording
  • Manages, checks and verifies agencies to monitor and improve costs
  • Manages agency invoices to align payment to framework agreements
  • Full integration with payroll to ensure bank staff are paid quickly and painlessly
  • Fully integrated with HealthRoster, with bank requests driven from roster gaps, and visibility of temp staff on all roster views
  • Detailed management information to help run an efficient and effective bank

What our customers say…

“We have achieved savings of over £500K on our nursing agency and overtime spend – the integrated bank solution has enabled us to more effectively redeploy our staff across the Trust, and as a result reduce our agency usage to 0%”

Esther BlakeyTrust Nursing Resource Manager, North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Trust

“The system has reduced the requirement for manual input and allowed for reporting and tracking of agency requests as well as the electronic submission of timesheets – the bank office is now paperless… since go-live we have seen a significant reduction in agency usage, a reduction in wrongly completed timesheets, and an assurance that WTD breaks are being deducted.”

Yvonne HoodAssociate Director of Workforce, South West Essex Community Services


  • Enables managers to book, register and view bank and agency shifts
  • Manages agency costs and processing
  • Sends alerts to SMS for broadcast of available duties
  • Employee Online allows individuals to flag their bank availability, see where unfilled bank duties are, and directly book themselves into shifts
  • Provides comprehensive audit trails of bank usage
  • Manages, checks and verifies agencies to monitor and improve costs
  • Bank requests can be made directly from the roster, as well as being posted to the roster
  • Financial modelling allows managers to view estimated costs per agency before transferring requests
  • Detailed management information related to flexible staffing enables full agency invoice reconciliation
  • Fully synchronised with ESR

Key Benefits

  • Enables bank offices to focus on the hard-to-fill expensive shifts, reducing reliance on agency staff
  • Monitors realistic and actual gaps in current service
  • Provides one accurate view of complete clinical governance records
  • Simple functionality makes it easy for ward managers to transfer vacant shifts to bank requests singly or in batches, resulting in staff resource savings and fewer clerical errors
  • Empowers and devolves responsibility to ward managers and matrons. Effective deployment of substantive staff across the Trust to reduce the need for bank or agency staff
  • Full management of bank and agency costs

To read more benefits of HealthRoster BankStaff please download the datasheet