Allocate-Insight is a managed service that combines monthly reporting, always on interactive dashboards, metrics and benchmarks together with Allocate’s expert advice to drive rostering improvement.

Joining Allocate-Insight will help you to accelerate and sustain improvement to rostering practice – meaning you deliver more and more of the benefits.  The service is focused on providing Executive’s with the information and analysis you need to both engage and lead workforce productivity improvement.  It supports operational leads to focus on areas of improvement.

Allocate-Insight is a key service and tool for executives keen to have a real grip on answering four key questions about rostering and workforce deployment:

  • Are we setup for success?
  • Are we rostering effectively?
  • What is our rostering efficiency opportunity?
  • How do we compare?

Allocate-Insight is quick to set up and easy to join. Take the first step today by requesting a baseline assessment.

What our customers have said…

"We use the data from e-Roster via Allocate-Insight in our divisional performance and Board Packs. We are focusing on just a small set of metrics that help us answer the question are we rostering effectively? For example we have improved Agency Staff Usage by -0.3% during a period when overall temp staffing use has increased."

Sam Foster, Chief Nurse, Heart of EnglandHeart of England, NHS Foundation Trust

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Allocate_Insight_Nursing_Workforce_Comparator_NetworkAllocateInsight: Workforce Intelligence for rostering Transformation

At Allocate Software we work directly with HealthCare leaders to understand their challenges via our Insight Managed Reporting Service, which ensures you manage your workforce effectively. We turn data into information and help you action change that results in workforce efficiencies.





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