Effectively schedule clinical staff around clinical activity

The next step from MedicOnline and MedicOnDuty, ActivityManager allows you to schedule any clinical activity (e.g. clinics, ward rounds or theatre sessions), assigning a lead for that activity (typically a consultant) and other supporting staff such as junior doctors, specialists, nurses, ODPs to ensure that particular clinical activity is delivered to the patient.

  • View rosters based on the clinical activity and whether they are appropriately staffed
  • Gives medics a view of not just when they are working – but on what and who is working with them
  • Integrates with eJobPlan allowing the cross-reference of contracted versus delivered consultant activity
  • Improves leave and absence by providing a view of which activity is impacted
  • Manage the impact of  cancelled activities on all assigned staff


Views based on your perspective

  • Flexibly view information by activity or location

Supporting medics on the move

  • Allows medics to view activities anytime on a smart phone
  • Works with MedicOnline meaning one mobile system to manage leave, study and all activity while on the move via a smartphone

Essential integration & simplified processes

  • Integrates with e-JobPlan allowing the cross-reference of contracted versus delivered consultant activity
  • Integrated rostering; staff are planned around a single clinical objective and location
  • ESR integration
  • Activity Based Demand: the ability to create Activity Profiles, which store the demand for a particular activity type – i.e what primary and support duties are needed to run an activity. These are then added to Service Plans or Demand Patterns, which say when a particular Activity Profile is due to occur

Powerful reporting and organisational insight

  • Understand exactly what clinical activity is being delivered
  • See completed, cancelled and moved clinical activity
  • Understand who is delivering which activities and in what quantities
  • See the impact leave and absence is making to clinical activity


Improves productivity

  • Reduces the number of cancelled clinics
  • Combines activity with people and locations. informing you not just who is working and when, but also where.
  • Facilitates effective redeployment of staff when last-minute cancellations do occur
  • Allows you to quickly see available resources such as locations (e.g. theatres) and match these with activity and staff
  • Reduces locum and agency spend

Improves patient care

  • Prevents cancellation of clinical sessions where patients are already scheduled, avoiding poor patient experience
  • Ensures the right people are delivering the right care at the right time and place

Encourages medical engagement

  • Provide consultants with confidence that they will have the right team around them (including junior doctors) to deliver patient care
  • Brings together medics of all specialisms and all levels as well as other clinical staff such as nurses, ODPs, AHPs
  • Medical staff can view their activities anytime, anywhere on their smartphones.

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