Making relevant staff ‘risk aware’

RiskAssure is a unique Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that delivers risk management software either as a standalone or integrated into the wider context of objectives management, performance and compliance.

RiskAssure delivers a consistent, proactive approach to risk management across programmes, departments or divisions. Designed to link and track the effectiveness of controls designed to mitigate risk, the application identifies, assesses and prioritises risks in order to minimise negative consequences.

The application significantly reduces the administration load for Risk Experts, allowing them to focus on delivering greater value through their experience and guidance, and also combines with BoardAssure to give better visibility of corporate risks and automatically update Assurance Frameworks.

RiskAssure enables the management of risks across an organisation, making relevant staff ‘risk aware’, and allows the building and management of risk registers at multiple levels.

What our customer have said…

"RiskAssure lets us easily create and maintain risk registers anywhere in the business. It helps us understand how well controls and mitigation plans are being implemented."

Ian BromilowNHS Tameside & Glossop


  • QIPPAssure is configured to reflect local and national work-streams
  • Prevents the management and reporting of QIPP becoming an industry, saving time and money
  • Integrates real-time QIPP risks with the BAF to provide the board with early warning and assurance
  • Manages QIPP alongside business plans, outcomes framework, NICE, CQC compliance and other objectives, linking common areas
  • Allows cross-functional or organisational teams to work on a single system, cutting out costs, duplication and risk
  • Manages measures, plans, outcomes, CQUINs, issues and risks against each QIPP theme
  • Communicates clearly what individual staff members need to do to deliver their part of the QIPP programme and allows responsible staff to track progress and outcomes
  • Aligns organisational activity and CQUINs to the QIPP programme and gives visibility of links and gaps.
  • Reports and dashboards provide visibility of progress against QIPP agenda
  • Captures and links evidence of QIPP achievements in a single resource
  • Includes an issues log to allow issues to be raised and managed early

Key Benefits

  • Enables visibility of your current position against QIPP plans at any time
  • Makes successful delivery of QIPP savings more certain
  • Identifies and manages associated risks that threaten QIPP delivery
  • Communicates directly with staff about what actions they need to take to ensure delivery of QIPP plans
  • Makes individuals accountable for parts of the QIPP plan
  • Ensures plans are executed effectively and with maximum impact
  • Tracks outcomes to ensure that plans are delivering the desired savings, quality outcomes and patient care improvements.
  • Provides a top level view of status, while allowing senior managers to drill down to further detail as required
  • Gathers evidence in a single location for the purpose of assurance, learning and corporate knowledge-sharing
  • Provides board and management teams with the visibility to govern the QIPP programme
  • Drives the progress of QIPP by leaving nothing to chance
  • Links and cross-references with other regimes such as CQUINs and NICE, to reduce duplication
  • Provides a single system for all teams, to monitor, manage and report on QIPP no matter what their work-stream, department or function