Ensure audit recommendations are completed

AuditAssure is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that allows you to manage, monitor and gather evidence on any audit process or recommendation, whether internal, external, national, clinical or from another source. The application is flexible enough to allow detailed plans to be created and individual ownerships to be distributed, so that boards, managers and even auditors can track implementation.

Health and social care organisations are subject to increasing numbers of audits, resulting in recommendations that all have to be reviewed and acted upon if you are to improve patient outcomes, eliminate risk and avoid poor inspections. Delivering comprehensive functionality, AuditAssure:

  • Captures any recommendation from any audit source,
  • Aligns the recommendation with audit type and objective,
  • Creates detailed recommendation plans,
  • Assigns ownership and
  • Sets milestone timescales.

The application enables you to prove that audit recommendations have been acted upon and provides the assurance required by regulators such as CQC, NICE and NHSLA in order for them to deliver positive assessments.

AuditAssure provides you with a fail-safe means of ensuring that audit recommendations are executed successfully, providing assurance to the board and evidence to external reviewers

What our┬ácustomers have said…

"By using AuditAssure to manage audit recommendations we have cut the outstanding list from 239 to just six that are now classed as work in progress."

Wayne Sanders, Performance ManagerNHS Ashton, Leigh & Wigan


  • Captures any recommendation from any audit source
  • Aligns recommendations to audit type (e.g. internal, national etc.) and audit objectives
  • Creates detailed recommendation plans and assigns ownership and timescales for milestones
  • Tracks related outcomes or improvements for re-audit assessment
  • Highlights audit recommendations that form part of the Quality Account and reports separately
  • Dashboards provide a quick visual picture on the status of all recommendations
  • Reports by exception where recommendation are not being completed or followed
  • Links recommendations to quality regimes such as CQC, NHSLA & NICE to build strong evidence that the organisation heeds lessons and is in control of improvements
  • Allows multi-disciplinary teams to work across recommendations
  • Can be used by internal audit agencies or produces standard reports for audit teams
  • Identifies risks associated with delivery or non-delivery of recommendations
  • Links to HealthAssure applications including CQCAssure, NICEAssure & NHSLAAssure.

Key Benefits

  • Captures all audit recommendations from internal, external, national & clinical audits in a single system
  • Creates and monitors recommended improvements or changes, so that recommendations are not allowed to drift without action
  • Evidences the outcomes following the delivery of audit recommendations for use in re-audit or external inspection
  • Assigns ownership of recommendations throughout the organisation and across multi-disciplinary teams, making the change more likely to happen
  • Provides at a glance the status of recommendations
  • Risk-assesses recommendations to that the organisation understands where non-delivery may be unacceptable
  • Features structured mechanism to conduct clinical audit across teams and departments