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Designed for the end-users & delivered by specialist trainers

Our training and certification programmes are designed to ensure administrators, users and even sponsors of our software are empowered with knowledge, in-depth understanding and confidence.

The scope of our curriculum delivers this knowledge and understanding in both the software as well as the processes and context in which the software needs to work, whether that context is rostering best practice for ward managers, workforce planning, workforce performance management or governance and assurance processes.

It is our experience that having well trained expert administrators and highly trained users of our software and the related processes is essential for ensuring ongoing benefits realisation, whether that is safer and more efficient staffing or more robust alerting around assurance gaps.

Keeping up to evolution

Training formats

In healthcare very little stands still for long.The rules and regulations that govern our software in care settings changes often, whether its meeting safe staffing levels or new board reporting needs.

As a consequence the software is regularly updated and crucially the best practice about how to meet new requirements evolves.Our techniques include practical hands-on experience, coaching and theory based tuition.All courses are accompanied by training documentation and tools to help ensure the newly gain or refreshed knowledge is used in practice.

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  • Onsite dedicated training
  • Bespoke courses for specific organisations needs
  • Training needs analysis
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  • Coaching
  • Online master classes

*Points from modular courses are combined to contribute to Allocate Certified Status

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