e-Expenses Brand New Features

  • e-Expenses Mobile – staff including medics can submit expenses on the go
  • The most sophisticated mileage calculation tool in the NHS
  • Receipt scanning with free storage – watch this in action
  • Enhancements to expense approvals
  • Employee vehicle self service

e-Expenses pre-selected by ESR Programme


Following a detailed review process Allocate Software is an expenses supplier to the NHS ESR Programme. This means it’s free for NHS Trusts! *Under the new ESR agreement our e-Expenses software is available at no cost – no license or usage recharge and implementation is supported (to specific levels) when commissioned via the ESR Programme, it is centrally funded by the NHS. Allocate e-Expenses interfaces with ESR, saving time and ensuring the accuracy of data.

As part of the requirements capture process undertaken ahead of the re-procurement of ESR, NHS Organisations identified a range of enhancements that would improve the capability and efficiency of ESR. One of these enhancements was the need for an expenses solution that would enable NHS employees to create travel and subsistence claims via ESR and transfer to payroll for processing.

Allocates e-Expenses uniquely fully integrates with HealthRoster and MedicOnline resulting in less duplication of effort and faster implementations, familiar user interfaces making it easier for staff, and cross reference of claims against the rosters.

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Unique and efficient expense processing


e-Expenses from Allocate Software revolutionises the way you manage staff expenses by cross-referencing your HealthRoster & MedicOnline platform to make the process faster, more accurate and cheaper to manage.

Key Benefits:

It’s free for your trust! Under the new ESR agreement our e-Expenses software is available at no cost – no license or usage recharge and implementation is supported

Simple & clear user-interface

Receipt capture with free storage

Staff use their existing system and login- with Allocate’s Employee Online or MedicOnline – it is not yet another new system to learn

Expenses mobile – view and create expense claims directly from Employee Online Mobile & MedicOnline!

New consultant mileage calculation

Uses existing HealthRoster e-Rostering & HealthMedics data such as units, people, managers- avoiding error prone and time consuming data duplication during roll out

Cloud based – fast set up with Allocate Cloud

Experienced expert implementation team

e-Expenses Mobile and MedicOnline demo


See how quick and easy it is for staff -including nurses and medics – to submit their expenses on their phones on the go including scanning their receipts

“Allocate’s e-Expenses has really streamlined the whole expenses process, it’s enabled consistency across the trust and we’ve seen many efficiency, accuracy and governance improvements. Claims are received far more timely with the supporting evidence, acknowledgement of which is recorded and auditable. This has led to increased accountability for those who approve claims, and with greater controls and governance we’ve seen a massive improvement in adherence to policy rules. We’ve seen financial savings- mainly attributable to the accuracy of claimed mileage and reason for travel, which has led to the reduction in total miles claimed and the rate paid for mileage”

Jason Mullarkey, Strategy & Improvement Project ManagerDoncaster and Bassetlaw NHS Foundation Trust

“e-Expenses’ integration with HealthRoster has helped the Trust improve its efficiency and accuracy for expense claims and also given us the visibility to identify financial savings. There is minimal setup to get staff up and running as it uses existing data already in HealthRoster such staff contact details, home and base address, cost centres and posting details.
The system provides greater visibility by allowing managers to cross check claims against staff rosters to ensure that fraudulent claims are easily identified. Claimants no longer have to check their mileage in Google maps because the system calculates it for them, the notifications and claim status update allows them to know claim has been approved and sent to ESR for payment.
Our payroll providers like the ESR payroll interface as it as it saves them time and administration compared to manually processing paper claims.”

Guy Kioni, HealthRoster Project ManagerNorth East London NHS Foundation Trust

“e-Expenses is a really valuable extension to the Healthroster solution. The process is significantly streamlined, reducing the administrative burden while increasing the accuracy of reimbursements. We anticipate financial savings due to improved accuracy and time savings across Payroll. This application demonstrates our commitment to employing the latest technology while improving our quality of service, in line with our commitment to First Class Patient Care.”

Mark Casson, ESC Operations ManagerBlackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust