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Role Purpose:

The Customer Success Analyst is accountable for developing a positive and productive relationship with the customer from the point of procurement. The Customer Success Analyst will proactively support, guide, facilitate and enable the customer to realise predefined benefits from the incorporation of Allocate product/s into their organisation.

Effective Customer Success will:

  • Assist the customer with the adoption of Allocate products in a way that helps the customer on their journey to achieve their desired business outcomes (e.g. reducing agency spend, improving patient care etc.)

  • Deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction with both the Allocate product and the brand, whereby the customer will be a reference site for Allocate.

  • Ensure the retention of each customer, ensuring that they are realising the intended value from their investment in Allocate solutions.

  • Identify opportunities and new customer needs that will lead to new business (expansion of the customer).

A Customer Success Analyst will be assigned a number of customers, sometimes at the point of Sale and provide frequent valuable touchpoints throughout the customer journey

Key Responsibilities:

  • Build and maintain strong customer relationships

  • Identify and understand customer outcomes required for both current and future needs and how best these needs are met.

  • Proactively monitor the adoption of the Allocate solution within the customer organisation to ensure that they are utilising Allocate products to their full potential and identify areas for improved utilisation and effectiveness

  • Provide a level of coaching, advice or process feedback to the customer to establish more efficient practices

  • Define account plans for growth and retention and establish a communication plan with the customer 

  • Organising and facilitating customer focus groups as required.

  • Continually maintain an understanding of Allocate Software’s position in the marketplace, including a full understanding of competitive products.

  • Planning and recording of client masterclasses and bite-size videos.

Skills/Qualifications/Experience Required:

  • At least 1 years’ experience of using an Allocate product in a HealthCare setting

  • 2 – 3 years’  experience working in the customer environment in a relevant role.

  • Ability to be self-motivated and work autonomously, especially at client locations.

  • Excellent planning, organisation and time management skills in order to set aims and objectives to reach project milestones

  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to engage and interact professionally with a diverse group.

  • Can demonstrate excellent interpersonal and presentation skills

  • Previous experience of influencing decision makers at a senior level.

  • Experience Facilitating cross functional working

  • Understanding of and experience in the IT industry

  • Significant experience of working in Healthcare organisations.


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